Burnt words


Here’s a photo I took about the subject called Space.


Art Inspiration

Untitled-1.jpgMe and a nice friend of mine decided to do something.. messy! So this is something I want to share with the world one day. It’s true that art can be messy but it’s always fun to get messy :3 Hope you like it ^w^

To Think

IMG_4998This album cover is “Callie”

This is fictitious

The music genre is Rock

The picture was taken by the wooden fences before they took them down. My friend thought it would be a good idea to do it by the fence.

I used Camera Raw and Photoshop




Hello there ^w^ I’m happy to show you my Theme which is Color! I love color cause it brings the world something to shine with 🙂 So I’m proud these photos I have createdblue-iceblue-ropeblue-skymikuorange-bikejeans-3arrowyellow-linesorange-carlockred-stairsgreen-tree